What It’s Like to Quit Your Job and Move Abroad

Nearly a month after my 26th Birthday, I quit my job and Moved Abroad.

Ever since then, I’ve been living this pretty unconventional and adventurous life. But things weren’t always perfect. I struggled with my career, identity, and new cultures.




Why I Moved Abroad

I always knew that I wanted to eventually move abroad. The timing of my move wasn’t the most ideal, but honestly when is the ideal time? The older we get the easier it is to get comfortable with your career, friends, and setting. Which was one of the reasons why moving was the best things that happened to me. I grew up personally and advanced my career A LOT.

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Here Are My Posts About Living Abroad:


My Expat Life

People assume that when you are moving abroad that everything is going to be glamorous and luxurious. This is what happened when I first moved to the Bahamas.


My Bahamian Story Continues

Why are people so afraid to move? It seems like family members can be the hugest critics out there. But just because people have something negative to say about what you’re doing with YOUR life doesn’t mean you should listen.


One Year Away From Home

My Review of my Year in the Bahamas

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Expat Life: Lady in London

What it’s like for  an American living in London.

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