13 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Winkworth Arboretum this Autumn

Winkworth Arboretum in South West Surrey is just a short drive from London, yet feels a world away. It’s a National Trust property, and it doesn’t even take a minute of walking through the beautiful grounds to see why. The grounds are expansive. The plant life is so varied and beautiful. The water is still and soothing. There are hills with wonderful views, and winding cut-throughs to get lost in. You could visit multiple times, and have a different experience during each one.

1. All the amazing colours

2. Great place to bring your dog

3. The colours just keep getting better

4. You may feel like you’re in the hundred-acre wood

5. Some parts may even have multiple colours of leaves

7. This was so worth leaving London for!

8. I’ve never seen leaves so red

9. And when you need a break from looking at leaves

10. You can look across the water.

11. There’s something pretty majestic about all of it

12. You can stroll along the paths, or across open fields.

13. There are meadow-like grounds and some wildlife too.


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