• A Complete Travel Guide to Hamburg, Germany

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    Germany’s ‘Maritime Metropolis’

    During our trip to the ‘maritime metropolis’ of Hamburg, we were able to explore its various districts. Hamburg is located in northern Germany and is connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River. Its geographical location has allowed it to become one of the largest ports in Europe. As a result, you will find many waterfront restaurants and vantage points. The ability to explore the Elbe and the mammoth port is extremely simple with its many ferry lines.

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    Hamburg has been one of the coolest cities we’ve been to. We had the privilege of staying in Hafencity at the 25 Hours Hotel.

    Hafencity is being developed into a fun, modern, retail area. The city is filled with charming architecture by the low bridges and canals. In areas like Speicherstadt (the world’s largest warehouse district!) you can really see its mercantile past, but you are transported to the future with its innovated architecture such as the Elbphilharmonie Plaza.

    One of the first things we did after touching down in Hamburg, was have an al fresco lunch in the seating at the back of Teekantor Wasserschloss, a lovely German restaurant/tea-house, overlooking one of the many river off-shoots.

    While walking through the restaurant, you notice that the walls and ceiling have been built over the street floor, with nothing added over the ground. So you are literally walking on the stoned street (stepping over curbs) within the restaurant. Each room has its own distinct feel. Some felt quaint, some appeared elegant, and some were modern.

    Hamburg does an amazing job of mixing the old with the new almost seamlessly, as one moment you can be walking under Gothic spires (St. Nicholas’ church) and head over to something more contemporary in Hafencity. There’s something poetic about Hamburg.

    As the second-largest city in Germany, it’s filled with maritime history and visiting it was certainly a uniquely German experience and contrasted from my visits to Berlin and Frankfurt.

    From Jungfernstieg, (one of our favorite areas and a very convenient train transfer point,) you are near the New town (Neustadt) and the old town (Altstadt).

    To put it plainly, Jungfernstieg is beautiful. It has a large town square, with the huge and intricately constructed City Hall (Rathaus), with its own tower.
    The Lombard and the Kennedy bridges are perfect spots for delightful views of the Alster Lakes (Inner & Outer – one of which is artificial).
    Leaving the square and heading around the side of the Rathaus brings you to a beautiful archway. Heading through here to the back of the Rathaus leads to a gorgeous fountain. Artistry truly meets architecture here.

    Things to do:

    Chocoversum Museum

    The Chocoversum experience was very informative (and full of samples!). Our guide Konrad was expertly knowledgeable and friendly. Even though this wasn’t our first chocolate museum tour, we learned a lot!

    St Michael’s Church

    At the top of St Michael’s church is a platform that offers an impressive 360 view of Hamburg. It’s only €5 per person for a ticket to the top (€4 with a Hamburg card).

    Messmer Momentum Tea House– tea lounge and museum in Hafencity. They offer tea tastings and seminars.

    Hamburg Harbor


    Hanseviertel – traditional shopping arcade

    Gangeviertel district/Valentinskamp – “alleyway quarter” is a creative space and listed by UNESCO

    Peterstraße– famous filming area of TV shows and movies

    Hamam Hamburg (near St. Pauli)

    Reeperbahn (near St.Pauli)- the “red light district”

    Landungsbrucken (near St. Pauli)- one of the biggest tourist attractions in Hamburg but also where most ferries depart from.

    Hamburg Skyline 

    Fischmarkt (south of Altona)- Fish Market

    Old Elbe Tunnel (near Fischmarkt)- it’s been recommended to ride your bike through here

    Altonaer Balkon (near Fischmarkt)- harbor park with scenic views

    Planten un Blomen (near Schazenpark)- Hamburg’s urban park


    Stadtpark (really north Hamburg)

    Lake Alster

    Miniatur Wunderland– model railway and airport. Wish we had time to do this!

    Poggenmuhlen Bridge

    (near Speicherstadt)- one of the most famous bridges in Hamburg

    Rathaus (city hall)

    Treppenviertel Blankenese 

    Ferry #62

    Street art Schanze/Karoviertel

    A U3 metro ride which is a great public transport tour of some of the best Hamburg attractions

    Bus routes 48 and 111 



    Island of Sylt

    Rugen Island

    Strand Pauli

    Schanzenviertel beach club Central Park



    on top of the Landungsbrücken station

    ferry number 75 to Steinwerder 

    Altonaer Balkon

    Dockland: Close to the Altonaer Balkon

     The Top of St Michael’s church

    Coffee Shops

    Speicherstadt Kaffee


    Kaffeerösterei Burg



     Playground Coffee

     Public Coffee Roasters 

    Stockholm Espresso Club

    Kaffeemuseum Burg

    Nordcoast Coffee


    ** = we ate there and loved it!

    **Hadley’s (Rotherbaum)

    In guter Gesselschaft (Sternchanze)

    **Teekontor im Wasserschloss (Speicherstadt)

    **Pauline (St. Pauli) – Feast for 2 

    Nordcoast Coffee

    Mr. Max (patisserie)

    Mad About Juice

    Cafe Canale




    Milch Feinkost

    Die Patisserie

    Hej Papa


    Zeit Fur Brot

    Coellns Mutterland


    Estancia (Alstadt)

    At Estancia, we had to try the steak. There are plenty of options with really useful size guides. The staff were knowledgable on how each cut should be cooked for best enjoyment however they did not take themselves too seriously – they were lighthearted, and not pretentious at all. It made for a really enjoyable, fairly casual vibe.

    Otto’s Burger (Schanzenstraße 58, 20357 Hamburg)

    Salt & Silver – Zentrale (St. Pauli Hafenstraße 140, 20359 Hamburg)

    Neni (25hours Hotel HafenCity, Osakaallee 12 / Eingang Überseeboulevard, 20457 Hamburg)

    Heimat Küche & Bar (25hours Hotel HafenCity, Überseealle 5, 20457 Hamburg) – More about this here

    Fischereihafen (seafood)

    Henssler and Henssler (sushi)

    (fish sandwiches) at the Fischmarkt



    Within Clouds there are two restaurants. We ate at Heaven’s Bar and Kitchen. Dining at Clouds means one thing… Dining in style with awesome views.


    Fisch & So

    O-ren Ishii 


    Fischmarkt Bistro

    Vlet an der Alster 


     Chug Club


    Fontenay Bar

    M&V Bar 

    Le Fonque 

    Der Bocksbeutel

    Beach Clubs:

    Strand Pauli – Who knew there were beaches in Hamburg?! Turns out there are not only beaches, but beach clubs, with plenty of cocktails, cold beers, sun-loungers and ice cream.



    Falkensteiner Ufer

    Ahoi Strandkiosk

    28 Grad Strandbad


    Altona’s Neue Große Bergstraße shopping street 

     Ottensener Hauptstraße 

    Bahrenfelder Straße

    Stuckgut (zero waste shop)

    Perle Store

    Rindermarkthalle (cattle market hall)

    Day Trips


     Klövensteen forest.


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