Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked

But as my body got stronger, there was an unexpected side effect. My mind became clearer.” -Khloe K



Most of us have noticed that Khloe Kardashian is looking  way better these days. Some might even say she’s looking a bit better than her sister Kim, who in my opinion went a bit overboard on the facial cosmetic surgery. I think she looked her best around the Kris Humphries time. Anyways, Khloe’s hard work has definitely not gone unnoticed, and whatever your reason is for hating the Kardashians (partially because they are literally everywhere) we can’t deny that their momager Kris Jenner has done an amazing job in turning their family business into an empire. I can applaud them for that. I also believe that its really easy to brush off celebrities as if they aren’t real people and dealing with their own problems, so we lack sympathy for them. Being wealthy doesn’t erase all of your problems, and so many people don’t get that. IF you’ve been following “Keeping up with the Kardashians” like I have, Khloe has always been the one with a lot of the “issues”, but its so easy to judge her from afar and label her as the bitchy one etc. I’d like to call her the more outspoken one and reading her book “Strong Looks better Naked”allowed me to understand her way more and have more respect for her and see why she reacts the way she does to her mother. I also learned that she is aware of her behaviors and she is working on them. Not a lot of people have the huevos to actually admit they have a problem to people and not only do that but to work on it. She is definitely working on herself and its pretty obvious. She went through a public divorce, imagine going through a breakup and have the details of your life in the news everyday, and no privacy.  The aura that Khloe exudes these days, and you can tell through photos , is a much better one and you can tell she’s feeling way better about herself. I would say she even seems happier than when she married Lamar. Go Khloe! For today’s blog post I picked out some of my favorite quotes from her book and related them to my life and life in general, because some of them really spoke to me.



“Other people may look happy, but you don’t know whats happening behind closed doors or what a smile might conceal.”


I’ve read this quote so many times because it is very commonly quoted. But honestly, you never know what most people are going through. Khloe is right as well, even people with money go through their own things. She blames it on a loss of motivation because they “have everything” so they stop working for things. Some of the nicest people Ive met have gone through the worst shit in their life. Looks can truly be deceiving someone can look like they have it all together but you honestly never know



“If you think about it, a workout is not even 4 percent of your day. That’s nothing”


There really is no excuse that someone has told me as to why they cant workout or don’t have time to workout. I was able to change my body with NO equipment and without a gym membership and it didn’t require a whole lot of time. You can workout at home, with your child, you can do 5 minute workouts a few times a day.If you value your future health you will make time to workout. If you have time to go on facebook you have time to workout, I don’t even care what you have to say about it.




“You can be there for your friends and family— support them, nurture them, lend a hand when they lose their way—but real change has to come from within


As someone who knows someone personally who is going through a rough time there isnothing you can do for someone that doesn’t want to change their own life. I have struggled with depression in the past and it can be really hard to overcome that dark cloud and theres nothing that you can do or say to someone who refused to help themselves. But “Exercise saved me”. Whenever I feel those past feelings of dark clouds coming back I roll out my exercise mat or make myself go to the gym to knock it out of my system. A lot of life has to do with mindset.




“Remember, the ony person you need to be better than is the you of yesterday”


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