“She is the best trainer I have ever had, and I have attempted many times to get my fitness headed in the right direction. I’ve never enjoyed working out in a gym, let alone training. Evelyn has completely turned my attitude around and has gotten me excited in working out again. Some of her greets attributes: patience, knowledge, support, motivation and flexibility. I cannot say enough positive things  about Evelyn. She pushes you to do more than what you think you cant do. She is so positive and supportive, but knows when to push and when to back off. My husband, Wayne, is also very thankful for Evelyn. She has brought me so much joy and commitment to working out. We really cannot thank her enough.” 

Tara Patanian

“I always look forward to my training session with Evelyn, she is incredible! She helped me to become bigger and stronger, teaching me healthy eating habits to gain weight and designing a program tailored to my needs. In several months of training I’ve gained ten pounds of muscle. I learned to train with proper form and I saw an increase in how much i could bench press. I learned a great deal of information suchs how to weight train and how effectively to do so by training smart. Evelyn did an amazing job motivationg me and encouraging me every time. She has always been very professional in every conceivable way: her knowledge, punctuality and ability to develop my weak areas.”

– Francesco Fogu



“I have been working out with Evelyn for several months. She is awesome! She is super knowledgeable, patient, and always has a funny story to share, which helps make the workouts go by faster. I always look forward to coming to the gym when we have a session. One of the best things is that Evelyn has helped me to better define my fitness and health goals, and to set high expectations for myself. She puts a lot of thought into personalizing each workout–which, as a first timer to personal training, I was not expecting..specifically the plans she puts together for in-between workouts. I am excited with what we have accomplished in only a few months and am committed to meeting the goals we have set. Evelyn’s the gal who will help me get there for sure. She clearly loves what she does.”

-Caroline Casey

“Evelyn works as a personal trainer and she also teaches different sports classes at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. There I also have gotten to know her for the first time almost one year ago. From the beginning she has inspired and motivated me to work on my fitness and nutrition also beyond the classes. Her classes are well thought out and she adjusts the exercises to the medical problems of the respective students. The classes are very diverse one will see a quick transformation of their body. Her challenging training and her motivating attitude sparked me to focus on my fitness goals and to reach them. Throughout the last year we became really good friends. I appreciate being a part of her team “Evelyn D. Fitness” and to join her in different fitness events, so we can do them together. I am grateful for her support.”


-Lisa Franke


-Chris Clendening

“Evelyn is a wonderful trainer! The first training sessions she sits you down for a consultation so she can personalize your training routine based on your personal preference/goals. She is extremely encouraging, fun loving but also tough! She will no doubt help you reach your goals as she’s helped me reach mine! She is awesome and I wouldn’t go to anyone else in San Francisco!”

-Maggie Dalzell

Evelyn is a great instructor and personal trainer she takes the time and initiative to really achieve your goals. Evelyn is a kind and caring role model with a very patient mind allowing everyone to enjoy their workout as well as burning those pesky calories that you’re trying to reach. Evelyn is a great friend and dedicates herself to taking the time to practice her workouts right and incorporate them through her clients. I am grateful to have Evelyn coach and train me through her TRX class and circuit training classes.

-Gabby M.

I have been training with Evelyn for almost a year, the longest time I have ever had a trainer. We spent our first session going over my likes and dislikes and Evelyn took those into consideration as she designed my workouts. The best part about each workout – you never know what you are going to get, because each one is different so you are never bored, she mixes it up but gets you to work the muscle groups you said you wanted to work on. She is tough and encouraging at the same time, pushing you just that much harder than you think you can go, so in the end you get the results you want. I would highly recommend Evelyn to anyone looking for a fun and creative workout that gets you the results you want.

-Richa P.

I’ve been training with Evelyn for about a year now, and she’s definitely helped me reach my fitness goals. When I first started working out with her, I could barely run 3 miles and now I’ve completed my first half marathon.  I’ve never been particularly athletic and found the gym to be extremely boring, which was easy for me to make excuses not to go.  When I decided to get serious about my fitness, Evelyn was there to help me stay motivated and engaged.  We do a mixture of HIIT, weights, cardio, TRX, pilates – it’s never the same work-out twice.

However the best part about training with Evelyn is her warmth and compassion.  She genuinely cares about what’s going on in your life in addition to just your fitness.  When I ran my first 10K race, it was an early morning and pouring down rain.  Evelyn came out to cheer me on despite the terrible weather and that I was her only client running.  She also plans group outings with other clients so it’s a great way to meet new people.

If you’re looking for someone who will go the extra mile to support you and keep your workouts fun, definitely give Evelyn a call!

-Becky R.

“I started training with Evelyn when I desperately needed the extra push after a long spiral of inactivity. She was fun, motivating, and skilled in her training sessions. Every session built off of my skill level and I started to see serious progress in a matter of weeks. She also offered tips on healthy recipes, eating plans, and how to space out meals to complement my workouts. Most importantly, she was motivating, helped me refocus my attitude towards fitness, and provided me the extra nudge to get back on track. Thanks Evelyn for
your tremendous work!”

-Shruti I.

Evelyn is amazing! I trained with her for about a year and I did things I never thought I could do. When I first started training with her, I was so scared of weight lifting especially and I only felt comfortable only doing cardio. She was so supportive and did things with me I was scared to do alone. She went to my first barre class with me and I was so terrified to try Barre. I ended up loving it and did 2-3 barre classes a week on top of training with her. She got me to run on the treadmill for the first time as well, which I had never done before. Evelyn helped me step outside of my comfort zone and was there with me every step of the way. She was not only a great trainer who really cares about her clients, she is a wonderful friend. Even though I don’t train with her anymore, we still keep in contact and she checks in with me often. If you are looking to train with somebody who cares and supports you while helping you step outside your comfort zone, Evelyn is the best choice!

-Lauren P.