Pinterest Management

Pinterest Account Management

The most important thing to know about Pinterest is that it is a search engine first and foremost… and not just a social media platform.


So when it comes to managing a Pinterest account, we need SEO (search engine optimization) skills. As with any other search engine, this means understanding what keywords you need your business to correlate with. How will this help? Well, you want your target audience to find your business above your competition when typing in the search terms they desire.


Pinterest is a powerful tool that has helped loads of bloggers including myself increase their reach, traffic, and email list. As a result, I’ve been able to start working with brands, get invited to events and most of all my content reaches a huge audience.


This is where Flourish-ious comes in 🙂 we know how to best set up your account and of course SEO.

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Pinterest Services:



  • Account Management
  • Account Set-Up
  • Account Makeover
  • SEO Services
  • Strategy Session



Account Management 


Joining (10-15) group boards/month

Writing keyword rich pin descriptions

Creating pin templates


Account Set Up 

Identifying keywords

SEO Strategies to help you rank

Clean up boards

Create 20 max boards

Join 5-10 group boards within niche

Create strong SEO descriptions for boards



Account Makeover (pricing depends on need)

Clean up boards max. 20

Identify weak pins

Fix and strengthen pins

Update About Me Page

Delete useless and unpopular pins

Research Group Boards



Pinterest Seo Services 

Drive more traffic to your website using Pinterest worthy keywords.

If you want to rank high in the Pinterest feed your SEO needs to be on point.


Strategy Session

The focus of each session includes going over pins, SEO, group boards, reviewing and client’s account. Will send deliverables which include an  outline of the call and a discount on future services

*support outside of call is limited 


 Email to discuss options 🙂