Our Top Posts of 2016

2016 is coming to a close (Happy New Year in advance!) This year has been one of tremendous growth for me. From adjusting to living in a new country (Bahamas), new career plans, healing, and personal growth, I am truly looking forward to the many great things 2017 has in store. Flourish-ious.com has grown so much since it’s birth in May, but not by accident. I wanted to thank all of my readers for  their support of my work and adventures. Let’s celebrate the end of 2016 and look positively towards the new year.

Here are our top posts from 2016. Thank you again for all of your support and Happy New Year!


1. Ten Reasons Why you Aren’t Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Reach your Fitness Goals by avoiding these costly Mistakes.


2. How to Make Exercising a Habit

Kaitlyn from Simplifying Nutrition offers small steps to help make exercising part of your daily routine.




3. Six Rules for Your Sports Bra

Use these six tips to avoid buying the wrong sports bra.


4. Ten Surefire Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals

This is part 2 of “Why you Aren’t Reaching your Fitness Goals”

Having no time to workout is no longer an excuse. Check out this five minute workout, that includes a video tutorial.


5. How Instagram Has Revolutionized the Fitness Industry

Are these Instagram trainers real or fake? Find out my thoughts.


6. Expat Life: One Year Away

Living in paradise isn’t always as glamorous as people think. This is how I survived.




7. Why Your Trainer is So Expensive

These costs may surprise you


8. 8 Important Things Every Blogger Should Do

These are the 8 things I wish I did when I started my Blog.




9. Here’s Why Women Shouldn’t be Afraid to Weight Lift

Some of the benefits include more than just looking like a hot fitness model 😉


10.  5 Ways to Keep up Your Fitness Goals This Fall

These tips are helpful whenever you find yourself in a workout rut





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