• Louis and Steens: New Orleans Style Coffee in the Bahamas

    My visit to Louis and Steen’s Coffee House


    Finding good food in the Bahamas can be hard. 


     It’s even harder to find good coffee, besides Starbucks, which is double the price than in the US. Also, sometimes the drinks aren’t very good, which makes the price difference, not very motivating.


    Many in the Bahamas are rejoicing right now because we have a BRAND NEW coffee house that opened up on West Bay street, close to our other fav food places (Studio Cafe, Compass Point, Dino’s Conch Salad Stand, Aquafire).


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    Everything you need seems to be located on West Bay Street and now we have the cutest coffee shop too.




    View from the front window, as I nearly fell off a rocking chair.



    I wish I took more pictures, but plenty of pics are available on their Instagram as well. I’m not the hugest coffee fan, I do really like the sugary/syrupy drinks from Starbucks because I like the coffee taste to be masked. Hey..I like drowning my food. I drown my salads, pancakes, waffles, lattes..



    louis and steens

    Caramel Latte with almond milk



    Since I decided that rocking chairs were too dangerous of a seat for me I migrated my latte and I to their comfy couch and proceeded to admire their decor. I need their decorators number. Real Talk, I literally could’ve taken pictures of everything.


    l and s 2


    So if you’re in the West (western New Providence) make sure to check out Louis and Steen’s Coffeehouse. They’re a family ran and owned business with great customer service. I would much rather come here for coffee, but most likely tea and biscuits (did I just say that?! I mean cookies jeez) than to Starbucks any day.

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