My Thoughts on “Daily Burn”

I’m sure you’ve seen the Commercial “Who wants to spend money on a trainer” creatively advertised in the Daily Burn commercial that I was forced to see 30 times a day trying to Binge watch “The Hills” on Hulu. I’m so happy that they got a new slogan considering they have personal trainers on their website and app (clearly you need a personal trainer to teach the course). But I get it, the program costs 15 dollars a month to do workouts at home, if thats what you’re into, but knowing myself it gets old after a while. Also there are so many weight loss gimmicks and promises out there. I get it personal trainers are expensive, ( see previous post) and people LOVE to hate on them especially if they think their product is cheaper than hours but cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

What I liked:

  1. Accessibility
  2. New workout Everyday 
  3. Point System
  4. Lots of program options
  5. Black Fire Program kicked my Ass
  6. Bob Harper..need i say more?

Things I didn’t like:

  1. Bad form during their 365 Workouts (looks like you do need a personal trainer 😉 )
  2. Couldn’t take some of their workouts seriously *yawn *
  3. Trainers on 365 didn’t give enough modifications or options to progress and regress
  4. Trainers on Daily 365 were having participants do exercises they shouldn’t be doing *Those of a certain stature shouldn’t be doing spiderman push ups*
  5. Some exercises or sequences  had too much jumping or were too arm intensive
  6. Their diet advice is so generic and boring

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