Loving your Shape Doesn’t Mean Ditch the Gym

What if I told you that you could love your shape and still make a healthy change?


The Body positivity movement has brought about a lot of good things and simultaneously a lot of bad. Although I’m all for feeling great for yourself I’m not for neglecting your health.It seems just like with anything else people love to take things to the extreme and use it as an excuse to NOT workout efficiently or just do things health-wise that are very surface.(Ten Things that are Preventing you from being Healthy)






My main concern lately is trying to combine body positivity with health.  It has to be done. It seems like with social media we have the IG models motivating us with all their selfies and on the other end of the spectrum we have all the naturally thick, curvy, whatever-you-wanna-call-it girls motivating you to embrace your body.  You can embrace your curves and be self-confident.  I’m going to be the first person to tell you go ahead girl. Slay it.  BUT….If you have curves while your body is OBESE, you need to adjust your lifestyle. You SHOULD NOT embrace unhealthiness and obesity because it’s neither a positive nor long-term solution.

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The health risks associated with obesity will KILL you and affect the quality of your life immensely. So I’m asking all those girls who are body positive please DON’T be stupid.  Yes, embrace yourself and be confident, but do not be childish and neglect your health. It is wise to see health as an opportunity to find some intrinsic health goals, realize and work towards them instead of focusing on what’s on the outside. If you like being a big girl, I’m cool with that, but you shouldn’t like it because it’s “cool” right now.  Go to the gym or get a workout buddy to maintain yourself at a healthy weight.  Your doctor will be able to tell you what is the perfect weight for your body type.

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The Body Positivity Movement has taught us to embrace our beauty. But it has also led people to accept their body all while neglecting their health. This is why you shouldn't do that.


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Loving your Shape Doesn’t Mean Ditch the Gym

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Loving your Shape Doesn’t Mean Ditch the Gym

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