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So you’ve been blogging for a while and not seeing much traction with your posts. It’s kinda frustrating to put all this work into blog posts and have no one see them right?

Social Media Promotion  is a HUGE part of our daily lives, our jobs, and our blogs. If you don’t have social media down it can now be hard to find a job these days. If your social media is a mess people will judge you for it! Ever since starting this blog I’ve done TONS of research, read articles, attended webinars, listened to podcasts and even purchased a few courses. The knowledge that I acquired has helped me increase my blog traffic, improve my content, but also helped me land a job as a social media manager.

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Not seeing much traffic from your blog posts? Here is the social media strategy and list of tips to help you manage, plan and curate your social media and blog content.


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If you’re not huge Twitter fan, I don’t recommend using it as your go-to social media. I highly recommend using a social media tool for scheduling on Twitter, because you will end up pulling your hair out trying to log onto Twitter when you need to promote your latest blog post.


Recommendations: Buffer, HootSuite, CoSchedule. Before you hit publish on your blog post think of ways that you can write out the title of your blog post or what exactly your blog post is about.


  • Provide the key takeaway of the post
  • Scramble the title around
  • Ask a question
  • Do a ‘fill in the blank’
  • create a sentence
  • add relevant hashtags
  • tag other accounts
  • add a quote or a statistic

How often should I schedule?

So I’ve read a few different things around the bloggersphere


Option A.

Day of Publish

One Week After Publish

Two Weeks After Publish

and One Month After Publish


Option B.

#of Days After Publish:  3,5,7,9,11, and monthly


Option C.

According to Coschedule

  • Same Day (at publish)
  • 1 hour after publish
  • 1 day after
  • three days after
  • four days
  • eight days
  • nine days
  • twelve days
  • eighteen days
  • twenty days
  • Twenty-two days
  • twenty-five
  • twenty-seven
  • thirty days

Which Option Should you Choose?

Honestly, each audience is different. It also depends on how many followers you have as well. I would maybe start with a mix of option a and b and go from there. Option C requires tons of work. Plus, you may not be getting  much traffic from Twitter anyways. Don’t focus your energy on Twitter if you realize after months of implementing work into scheduling on there  that your traffic predominantly comes from Facebook. Focus on your strengths and what your audience responds to more.

Learn More: Emmelie DelaCruz


Facebook is tricky and as a result of the algorithm, I’m still trying to figure out the game plan. A lot of bloggers actually don’t rely on Facebook anymore due to the algorithm and have opted out of having a Facebook altogether, and choosing to create a private Facebook Group. Caitlin Bacher shares some info on that here.


When I do share on Facebook, I try to share a new blog post a few times a month and post on facebook 1-2 times a day. I’ve heard mixed reviews about using a scheduler tool for Facebook because not only does it  decrease your reach but it  also lets your audience know.  So the other option is to just use the official Facebook scheduler tool for the posts.

How often to schedule:  Schedule a post once a week for the first month and then monthly after.

What to Do: Use the Facebook Scheduler or create a  Facebook Group


You want to try to schedule Instagram at least once a day, but do not feel compelled to post once a day if you don’t have the content or the energy to. Don’t force yourself to keep up with something just because someone else is doing it.

I’ve recently tried to really step up my Instagram game. Something that has been really helpful is using an Instagram scheduler. For a long time, a lot of the schedulers out there did not physically allow you to schedule a picture on Instagram (I don’t think anything has changed). Basically using a scheduler, (Later, Buffer, Co Schedule, Tailwind) you “schedule” a post with a caption etc but you merely receive a reminder of when to post. Btw are you following me on Instagram yet?

What To Use: Later, Buffer, Co Schedule, Tailwind

Where to Learn More: Melyssa Griffin, Elle & Co, The Collective Mill,



Pinterest in itself deserves another blog post (or a few).

This is what you should do for Pinterest:

Find out more from these lovely ladies:  Krista (Blog Beautifully), Melyssa Griffin, Wonderlass

I highly recommend Krista’s Course Pageviews from Pinterest which has helped me tremendously. It’s effective, straight to the point and inexpensive. Krista even offers a payment plan. Purchase the course here.

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OR if you don’t have the time or effort to try and build your Pinterest. I currently offer Pinterest Management Services.



So How Can I Be a Social Media Boss?

The trick is to make great copy and to post consistently. If you’re busy, trying to sit down once a week to schedule out posts or get into the habit of coming up with 20 pieces of copy upon drafting a blog post. A key tip that I learned late was that you can’t use the same copy for all social networks. Here’s a great podcast episode on how to write better copy.


Some of your audience and tribe will probably follow you on each channel so you don’t want to bore them by posting the same content and copy over and over. Your audience will go to Instagram for one particular type of content that they don’t want to see on Twitter. Want to check out how your traffic is doing without having to figure out Google Analytics? Sign up for Quill Engage and receive weekly updates on your site traffic.

Just make sure you give yourself about a month before you start tweaking with your social media plan.

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Not seeing much traffic from your blog posts? Here is the social media strategy and list of tips to help you manage, plan and curate your social media and blog content.


So You May Be Feeling Overwhelmed…

With the rise of the blogging coach, there’s a lot of advice out there, and it can get pretty stressful. You want the perfect lighting, filter, flat lay and you look at all of these profiles with a bajillion followers and you think your page looks like rubbish in comparison. I’ve been there. I actually avoided posting on Instagram because I felt like I had nothing cool to share, post or it just wasn’t like the “cool bloggers”.


These coaches will try and tell you that your Instagram needs to look a certain way because there are some pretty good ones out there. I know you’ve seen it. But guess what? You don’t have to have perfectly curated photo content to appeal to people or get followers. BE yourself, tell your story and most of all use your OWN content.


Ready To Take the Next Step?

Before you start implementing some of these social media tips, make sure your branding is on point! Don’t know what that is? Check out the Bronze Hustle and HerMovement, my go to branding gurus.




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