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Brunch is a HUGE deal in SF, especially on Sundays. If you aren’t at Brunch, well where else would you be?!  


Brunch often requires reservations at many restaurants, well in advance, or be prepared to wait in line for an hour at least. For example: Kitchen Story, Plow, Zazie just to name a few of my Sf favs.


In Nas aka Nassau , the brunch life isn’t as big in SF, but I get the feeling that the brunch culture is still there. I must admit, that due to the lack of Yelp and websites here in the Bahamas, finding info on places   can be quite difficult for a Newbie. Yelp has been replaced by Bahamas Local, which doesn’t offer many reviews. I have been following their Instagram page for sometime so I finally gave it a try. I was not disappointed.





We sit down and the charm already starts taking you over, with how cute the table settings are. It reminds me of home so much, with the artistic, rustic vibes perfectlly mixed with a beachy caribbean feel.



FullSizeRender (3)



Before I start getting carried away with how awesome this place is I order myself a Watermelon Mint Lemonade (pictured above). This was for the gods. You have the option to add Vodka into this, but I wasn’t in a drinking mood, so I politely passed. Either way it was probably the best thing I’ve drank in a while.






You cant help but admire the view while you wait for your food and take a million photos of EVERYTHING.


FullSizeRender (2)
Pear Pancakes was bomb.com Pears were candied in rum aka pear heaven. Their pancake batter was perfection. Can I come here everyday?










At first it doesn’t seem like that much food, thanks to my gluttonous American eyes. But it was exactly the right amount of food, even for two. We shared both of these dishes and still had food leftover. Great Presentation as well. Thanks to the chef for also bringing the food out to us as well. Truly a wonderful experience.






My brunch trip would have not been complete without a picture of me and that View tho 😉


Next time you are in the Bahamas and want to get away from that overpriced resort food check out Studio Cafe

+1 242-677-3991

For all the feels Check out their Instagram


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