Is Fit Fusion the Netflix for Fitness?

My Thoughts on Fit Fusion



Scrolling down my Instagram feed almost two months ago, I came across a post about Fit Fusion workout television.


I like working out and  also I like TV, so I clicked. I’m always down to try new fitness related things (that are not gimmicky).Netflix has become a household name in the last few years. So it’s no surprise that fitness companies are trying to get a piece of that pie as well. In order to succeed in the fitness industry, just like many industries, you have to constantly be adapting and trying new things.

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Fit Fusion



What is Fit Fusion?

Fit Fusion offers access to multiple trainers and hundreds of videos at  a cheap price point. I immediately noticed that they were a new operation, as a result of  the bandwidth of the software, making videos extremely slow and painful to stream, so  that 30 second exercises turned into one minute exercises due to the buffering time.


It was nice to be exposed to new trainers and their material, such as:

and more.


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All in one place.


So what did I think?

I found that after a month of using the program I had completed all the videos of one trainer, a few times, and that they hadn’t added any new updates. Sadly, I considered pausing my subscription but decided to try a new trainer instead, so I came across Tara Stiles’ yoga routines. There is evean a yoga in bed video !


I’m still on the fence about staying with this program.

I do feel like this is a platform that gets you to try each trainer’s workout videos, and just gives you enough content so that you decide to purchase their videos independently. Which is a very cheeky and brilliant marketing ploy.


However, people may eventually catch on just like I did, and move on to a platform that provides better bang for your buck.


Another problem I had, was that when I went to download the app on my iPad,  I couldn’t sync my log-in because I didn’t purchase my membership through iTunes, so they couldn’t recognize my email. I checked my email and the same email I used to purchase my membership was in fact the one I use for my iTunes.



The Small Print on their website states:

“Please note that the FITFUSION website and FITFUSION iOS applications are separate products and are not connected nor integrated at this time.”






So now I am forced to only use the desktop version, although this platform is advertised as phone and tablet friendly.


BUYER BEWARE. If you are going to purchase this program and would like to use the app format, purchase from your APP STORE instead.




Fit Fusion lets you try their platform for 7 days. Let me know your thoughts and experiences.




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