5 Things I Learned from Working out With Jennifer Nicole Lee

Scrolling down your Instagram explore  you’ve probably come across “VIP” celebrity trainer “JNL” Jennifer Nicole Lee. She’s a BSN athlete, entrepreneur, mom, author, and innovator of the JNL Fusion training method. Moreover, she has a really proactive marketing and promotion team, based on her Instagram posts,  and her line of apparel.

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Jennifer Nicole Lee is a world renowned fitness professional and workout guru. I checked out her online workout program and these are the five things that she taught me.
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In her book, Crack the Code: Unlock Your Fat-Burning and Weight-Loss Potential, she promises to give you the secrets to success. As an inexperienced newbie, who desperately wants answers, particularly from someone with her physique, her book would be your go-to. But just like with many of these books that promise you the answers, the secret isn’t huge and it shouldn’t cost you tons of money to find out. Eat a well-rounded diet of things in moderation, and exercise efficiently each week, and you can achieve the body of your dreams or just be in shape.

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Jennifer Nicole Lee is a world renowned fitness professional and workout guru. I checked out her online workout program and these are the five things that she taught me.
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It’s important to realize that, it’s not all about aesthetics. Not all the fitness models you see in magazines, are healthy or even look like that on a daily basis.



Long story short, her book wasn’t a huge disappointment, but it just isn’t innovating or new info. Furthermore, her recipes were Eh at best, and I’ve gotten more interesting ones from various food blogs. However, I do recommend this book for someone that is new to eating healthy and needs to start somewhere.

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I was inspired to try a new fitness program (download mine here) and she was next on my list. This past year I’ve checked out Daily Burn, Zuzka Light, Tone it up and FitFusion TV.  Just like with everything else, I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t bore me after a few days, which is why I subscribe to several of them at a time.






5 Things I Learned from Working Out With Jennifer Nicole Lee:


1.Her Website is a mess



I remember the first time I came across it I didn’t even know where to begin, or what the differences were between each package she offers.  It’s  quite overwhelming and overly saturated even to my trainer eye. Which makes me wonder how non-trainers feel when accessing her site. You’re hit with like 15 (exaggeration) of options to choose from. The first time I went on I scrolled through the information and just decided to revisit another day. I just couldn’t deal with it.


2. It’s “expensive”


 Most of her online packages run around 30 dollars and apparently that’s a steal. Let me tell you, I’m actually kind of miffed that this is thirty dollars. This is the most money I’ve spent on an online subscription program EVER.


This is how she describes what I purchased:



JUST FOR ONE DOLLAR PER DAY! Enjoy working out anytime to any JNL Video you wish! For a small monthly fee, you will receive FULL ACCESS to ALL JNL Workout Videos! You will also gain automatic access to all NEW JNL Workout Videos, as the fresh ones are recorded and uploaded! Get in SHAPE FAST, and always have fresh, new, hot, fun workouts just one click away!”


It’s advertised at 29.00 a month with a $2,444 value! There are 333 videos on there, which is a lot of content. But I know trainers out there who have equal or more content and charge less money ($10).She films the workouts herself from the privacy of her own home, so she doesn’t have to pay a production company to edit it. She’s merely paying for the software to upload it on so she’s making pretty good money off of these memberships. Is it worth thirty dollars though?


Fitness is expensive; if you want to reach your goals you’re going to have to invest some money. So if you can’t spend 30 dollars on this or a gym membership you’re not serious.


HOWEVER, if you are a trainer and are  charging  way more money than other people do, for a similar or mediocre product it’s just not right.


3.It’s Basic


On my fifth day of doing her program, I got bored three days in. She cycles through the same 30 exercises and just rotates them during each workout. After the first few days, her workouts weren’t that challenging for me and the other day I had to do three in one day.  


Each workout has a different name such as “Glutes that Salute” and “15 min. Abs Attack” but they were all pretty much the same. I think I’ve followed at least ten videos thus far, recent videos and ones from earlier this summer.It’s the same style of program that her JNL Fusion workout videos have which is 30 seconds of work with two exercises (one strength and one Plyo) for three rounds. The program design is cool but she does it EVERYTIME! I wanted to pull my hair out.


Between the same exercises and the same workout program, it’s just lazy on the trainer’s end and extremely unfair to the consumer.Maybe I’m biased because I have experience and she may not be selling to my type of consumer. So if you’re new to working out,  interested in going back to the basics and are cool with keeping things simple, I suggest checking her out.



4. Names are misleading/confusing

 If we are going to do an abs workout that’s only 15 minutes I’m expecting to have my abs burning. Whatever you do please don’t throw in leg exercises. I get it you want to do some compound movements and switch it up, but I found that nearly all of the workouts were advertised as a Glute workout but she includes arms. UGH annoying.

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5. She looks good!

Which let’s be honest is super motivating. I want to look like her. She has an amazing body, looks youthful and isn’t extremely skinny or muscly. She has a different body in comparison to a bodybuilder (Nicole Wilkins) and a fitness bikini competitor (Michelle Lewin).


Jennifer Nicole Lee is a world renowned fitness professional and workout guru. I checked out her online workout program and these are the five things that she taught me.
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The difference is she doesn’t do traditional weight lifting, because she feels like she wasn’t burning fat in the gym. That’s a pet peeve for me because she’s teaching something that’s just not true. You can burn fat in the gym of course! Why are you telling your clients otherwise? I hate when people knock the results that people can see in the gym to sell their product. Just be honest, the gym isn’t for everyone (neither are home workouts).

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What were my Final Thoughts?

Despite room for opportunity and her quirks, JNL is motivating and personable. There’s no doubt that she’s extremely successful. She works hard, is consistent, lives up to her mantras, looks good, is knowledgeable, and knows how to motivate people. She has a really positive energy and despite my disappointment, it’s actually been quite nice and personable to join in on her workout videos.


Most of the time I don’t need motivational chats or speeches, but some days I was really into what she had to say.Most recently she was speaking about her husband being in the hospital. It makes you realize that everyone is dealing with something, yet we are joining here for one common goal and its fitness. I could tell that she was hurting and she nearly cried on the screen showing us photos of her husband recovering in the hospital.


Trainers are people just like everyone else and just because we train and take care of other people doesn’t mean we don’t know what its like to be busy, not have time, be sick etc.

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