Launching my Digital Fitness Studio

The dreaded C word (coronavirus) that we are all tired of hearing has come along and turned many of our lives upside down. But in many ways, it has brought us closer together. It’s been great to get on to Zoom calls with my family, participating in quiz nights, and being a part of digital fitness live classes on Instagram. But despite the ways that this pandemic has forced us to stay in and get creative with our lives, it has hurt many. I was due to start two new work projects prior to the lockdown being enforced. As I watched everyone around me become so productive and transition, I remained disappointed with the lack of control that I have had with this situation.

 Many people like myself who work in the fitness industry have been drastically impacted by fitness studios being forced to close. I also don’t know when international travel will resume, which is another focal point of this blog. It has seemed that the things I have worked so hard to create were falling apart right before my eyes. 

This has created lots of uncertainty for many of us. Gyms and fitness studios will most likely be one of the last things to open and even when they do, it won’t be the same, for some time. Some small fitness studios are currently being forced to close. It’s almost certain that there will be a deep global economic recession as well.

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But now more than ever it’s time to prioritise our health and wellness as it’s one of the few things we ALL have control over at this time.

It’s coming up to my nine-year anniversary as a certified personal trainer and I’ve finally decided to offer digital fitness services. This was previously something I didn’t have much time to do before due to my work in management and consultancy.

About Me

I was once the overweight student, with physical activity limited to partying and picking up takeout. I have been a personal trainer since 2011 and have worked with people from all walks of life: techies, scientists, creatives, celebrities, stay at home moms, and moms plus their babies. Check out My Personal Training Testimonials here.

List of My Fitness certifications:

  1. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  2. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine  Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  3. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist
  4. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine  Corrective Exercise Specialist
  5. TRX Certification
  6. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine Women’s Fitness Specialist
  7. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine Weight Loss Specialization
  8. YMCA Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certification

How to Book

I’m currently offering personal training sessions through Zoom. You can book using Calendly:

I will also be trying to update my fitness Instagram as much as possible. I have a guest instructor teaching 3 classes starting next week.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you!


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