Day Trip from London to Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge With City Wonders

This is a sponsored post by City Wonders. All opinions are my own

In a big city like London you are spoiled for choice of the many tour operators that would like to take you in and around London’s biggest attractions or some inviting day trips from London. But City Wonders is by far one of the best to do it. We had the pleasure of taking part in their fantastic day trip to Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath. It made for a very long day but it was well worth it.

The meeting point was extremely convenient for access to the motorway, and despite it being an early call time for a Saturday (7am ooooofff) the coach ride was extremely comfortable and didn’t even feel like a bus. One of my biggest fears of doing tour busses and guides was being around too many people, being on a bus for too long or quite frankly being so overwhelmed with the talking that I just wanted to get out of there. Our tour operator had everything timed perfectly, from when to leave, when to see an attraction, etc. Had we gone alone, we would have not come close to achieving the smooth efficiency that our awesome tour guide Pepe, and our driver provided.

Prior to this trip I had already heard many great things about their tours. Family members of mine had used City Wonders for their summer tour of Buckingham Palace/Changing of the Guards and were very impressed.  As a result, I knew it was going to be a great day.

Pepe was not overwhelming with the amount of information provided and he delivered some really cool facts – especially regarding Stonehenge. He gave us the right amount of time to enjoy and to do things on our own which was much appreciated and was a great balance of doing a tour and solo exploration. He welcomed further questions and was able to provide answers with such clarity without being overly technical, ensuring it was easy to follow for all.

Before allowing us to explore Windsor Castle by ourselves, Pepe gave us some fascinating pointers to look out for, such as the location of Henry VIII’s remains!

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While at Stonehenge, the group were provided with headphones allowing us to hear Pepe from further away. This really helped us not to miss anything while we all navigated the busy crowds and outdoor elements.

Pepe must get credit for providing additional facts and trivia that falls outside of the locations included in the tour. While on the way to our final location, the beautiful city of Bath, Pepe gave us information about British agriculture, countryside life, and the Cotswolds. Our time in Bath was arguably too short because it clearly has a lot to offer in terms of history, architecture, natural scenery with great food and drink. We really enjoyed our Lunn bun, a famous Bath snack.


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This is a sponsored post by City Wonders. All opinions are my own

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