Current Beauty Trends are nothing New

It seems like so many beauty trends are buzzing lately, from contouring, baking, highlighting, strobing etc. But  these beauty trends are not  new discoveries, but instead have been made popular by people like Kim K and Ig beauty gurus. These make up tricks that are helping you slay  your look are nothing new and have been used for a long time.  Check out my list below:


  1. Baking (cooking your makeup but not a la Walter White😉 )

This is one that I haven’t officially tried for myself (probably because I’m impatient and it requires some time) During the baking process you let your setting powder sit on your face, specifically under your eyes (but not limited to)  for  5-20 mins and then using a fluffy brush to dust it away.



“Baking is one of those fads that has actually always been a thing in the makeup world, but it was all hush-hush until the likes of Kim Kardashian and many a makeup vlogger/Instagrammer brought it into the spotlight. Baking or “cooking” makeup began as an old-school drag makeup technique used to set concealer and highlight the face all in one go.”

Here’s a tutorial (thanks Buzzfeed gods)

2. Strobing (basically highlighting or natural contouring) is another technique i havent had the chance to try yet but it also required if you want to slay your makeup look. If you’re looking for something less heavy and more natural I suggest looking into it, it promises to help you achieve having a healthy glow.

3. Contouring

Contouring is essentially a mix of concealer and bronzer to accentuate and enhance your face shape. So if you’ve been wearing concealer and bronzing your face for some type contouring isn’t that unfamiliar. Contouring is not new and can be traced to the 1500’s stage acting in Elizabeth era England, then to film makeup, old Hollywood era and finally made popular by Kim K.

Kevyn Aucoin is coined with “inventing the art of contouring”

“But before the Kardashians, before the era of airbrushed Instagram selfies and clown paint tutorials, contouring was a much subtler technique, used by makeup artists and stage performers out of necessity, rather than a desire for a super-sculpted face.”


kate moss contouring


As much as we wish that things from present day are new a lot of things have been used for a long time but have been made better by current day makeup artists. The availability of YouTube tutorials and IG pages have changed the beauty and makeup industry. I personally, like watching makeup tutorials, especially for eyeshadow. So shoutout to all the makeup artists out there doing their thing and helping us girls keep things on fleek.


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