Lunch at the Buenos Aires Cafe, Blackheath

“Argentinians are Italians, who live in French houses, and think they’re English.”

This is paraphrased from the back of the t-shirts worn by staff in the Blackheath restaurant, and it helps to sum up the relaxed warmth of the place. 

The cool thing about this restaurant is that it has plenty to offer for all times of the day. With a classic looking brunch menu, fresh cakes and great coffee, the morning is well-covered. For the lunch menu, there are cheese, meat and antipasti platters on offer, with grilled veggies, as well as sandwiches and burgers. 

Of course, the focal point of the dinner menu is Argentinian steak, but they also give ample attention to pizza, pasta, and Mediterranean inspired dishes… Many of our guilty pleasures. They keep it simple in a great way. Wholesome and full of flavour, without fussiness. 

For lunch we had a classic Argentinian dish, the Choripan: A delicious open toasted chorizo sandwich, some cheese & ham empanadas. They were fantastic. For dessert we had a cream-filled cookie with ice cream, and flan – a creme caramel with whipped cream and caramelized vanilla milk. 

As much as we wanted to try the Argentinian beer and wine, we had a walk to go on, so Sonny had a Mocha which he really enjoyed, and I had an aperol spritz.

The staff were friendly, and the service was swift. The decor was clean and classic, yet trendy. Mostly the walls are white and covered in the pictures from the owner’s paparazzi career – a cool personal touch, we thought! The other walls were exposed brick. Another nice touch was the display of Argentinian sweets and treats in boxes and tins dotted around the counters. Stepping into the Buenos Aires Cafe really does feel like stepping into Argentina. Following our lunch we headed on to our walk to Greenwich from Blackheath. More here.


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