5 Reasons Anna Victoria is the REALEST

With my recent move abroad I have been searching on ways to grow and expand my personal training business.


Of course I had dreams and aspirations of one day becoming a fitness trainer like JNL and Jamie Eason, but that wasn’t something that I anticipated in the near future at all. And  BOOM I moved and I couldn’t train my clients anymore (which has recently changed due to online training 🙂 ). I suddenly found myself in a place where I felt lost and didn’t find purpose. I took a break from weight lifting and explored different available online resources, magazines, and books. I have learned a lot along the way. I’ve even figured out how to design websites for people and re designed my own.


I suddenly found myself in a place where I felt lost and couldn’t find purpose.


I slowly came to realize that the answer lay right before me and I decided to expand my business online. But where do you even begin?! I began doing research on other trainers and found what worked for them and looked for  things that I liked. Learning from the best is always the way to go. In my research I came across Anna Victoria and I have been following her ever since.


What she posts and creates  is realistic and obtainable for the average girl, unlike other Instagram trainers, (she’s that trainer who posts pictures of her bloated belly after eating). It’s important to consider  that the average person is NOT a fitness model and isn’t meant to look like a fitness model. There’s too much of that out there right now.



Source: News.health.com



In addition, she’s not one of these girls out there who is too Insta-famous  to connect with other people. Through this process of mine I have reached out to tons of fitness trainers on Instagram and online, and only a few have actually replied to me. I guess because I wasn’t trying to buy one of their online workout programs or waist trainers they were just too “busy” to holla @ a fellow fit girl.





For example: I have actually emailed a fitness personality, (Im going to refer to her as that, because to my knowledge she is not actually a trainer), and I asked her some advice on expanding my business and if she had any tips etc. She replied to me with a generic reply to join her “workout challenge”. Ok Ok..I do realize that you are really busy, trying to make money, and so famous and that you probably get tons of emails per day asking you ‘how to get a butt like yours’ or ‘I wanna be Insta famous too.’


BUT if you are so famous I suggest that you hire someone to go through your emails because I am not a groupie, I am a fellow trainer who was admiring your hard work and what you have done, and wanted to ask for your advice.


In any case, this is NOT what happened with Anna Victoria and I am so grateful for the continuous love her and her team have showed Evelyn D. Fitness, by not only writing me back, tweeting me and putting me into contact with her graphic designer. This is what you call women helping women and we need more of this!



Everyone has a story. Read on for hers:



Now, I know better. I now know what a profound impact food has not just on my looks, but on
my health. I now know the power of motivation, dedication and knowledge. This is what I want to pass on to women all over the world, and help them achieve the same mental and physical transformation I did. Not only will you feel better about yourself, you will gain a newfound confidence to take on anything that stands in your way. This is about SO much more than weight loss. It’s about showing yourself just how capable and strong you are when you set out to achieve a goal, and then doing it. It’s empowering! -Anna Victoria


This is what you call women helping women and we need more of this!


1. I really like the way that she designed her weekly program. (you can get a free weekly preview on her site)

Everyone out there thinks that the key to getting nice abs is to crunches every single day. This winds me up so much! Just like with any other muscle group, the abs need a break and I DO NOT recommend working them out every single day. I also do not recommend doing crunches all the time to achieve those abs. So Kudos To Anna for this design.


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.47.06 PM
Source: Anna Victoria


Each muscle group group is covered at least once a week with the strength portion every other day. I approve.


2. I like the options that she provides.

The workouts are short. Are they enough? Sure because you are doing them six days a week. However, I do not recommend following a similar program long-term. The body will plateau.


You can do all of the workouts straight from home, at the gym, in the park – wherever you would like, and they only take 30 minutes! All you need are a couple dumbbells, a yoga mat and energy to attack the workout. -Anna Victoria 


3. She has strength training and she makes clear the benefits of why it is included.

There are lots of programs out there. Do you ever know why you are doing an exercise? It’s not because it will make me skinny. Although its great for you to have a goal looking a certain way shouldn’t be your only goal. There are a lot of trainers who design programs out there, but they rarely every explain why they are including that exercise, often times they have no idea at all. Their is a Science to working out and program design. You may think it is easy to design a program but it’s not. Lots of factors go into it, hence why personal training and fitness is expensive. 


Source: Anna Victoria


You may think it is easy to design a program but it’s not. Lots of factors go into it, hence why personal training and fitness is expensive. 


4. I really like her style.

Similarly to many trainers who have tons of followers on social media she has been approached by many companies to get paid to post about their fitness products. If many of you aren’t aware, many of the people who take money for these products do not actually use those products. That girl on your IG who swears by a waist trainer, does she really wear the waist trainer all the time? ehhh probably not. That check for 1k to post a picture with it on IG is probably super enticing though.



5. Her approach is Realistic. 

And with all the fake ish that’s out there its quite refreshing to see a realistic girl on social media.

Source: Anna Victoria







Featured image: http://news.health.com/2016/05/26/anna-victoria-shows-even-fitness-models-have-stomach-rolls/


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