In the Fall of 2015 I left everything I knew and loved and moved to the Bahamas!

Could you ever imagine yourself moving somewhere where you didn’t know anyone, had no job prospects and had never previously visited? I did. I packed up my room, sold my car, quit my job and dropped everything I did to become an island girl in Nassau, Bahamas. 

It was one of the scariest and most exciting things I’ve ever done, and actually hadn’t planned on doing until I was much older. But it was the main thing that led me to begin Flourish-ious.com, where I share my unapologetically honest fitness and lifestyle advice, strategies for creating a successful business, stories about living abroad,  my travels and some of my personal stories.




So Why Am I an Expert?

I was once the overweight student, with physical activity limited to partying and picking up takeout. Not the typical background for a personal trainer, fitness class enthusiast, and endurance competitor! As the social media and fitness worlds become more intertwined (every second post is about some shredded abs with a slim-tea sale,) I show people that do not have the money or time to dedicate to the gym how to strengthen and sculpt with no excuses


Before and After



I began personal training in 2011 and received my certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I eventually obtained multiple certifications in Nutrition, TRX, and Performance Enhancement. I started my personal training journey working for a corporate gym and left to pursue my own personal training business.  

List of My Fitness certifications:

  1. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  2. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine  Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  3. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist
  4. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine  Corrective Exercise Specialist
  5. TRX Certification
  6. National Academy of Sport’s Medicine Women’s Fitness Specialist


Check out My Personal Training Testimonials here.


Interested in Personal Training ?

I’m currently offering personal training services in London, United Kingdom.


Not in the London area ? Purchase a personalized fitness plan and check out my workout plans (five-minute workouts and 14-day workout plan)



More About Me

For the two years, I’ve been growing Flourish-ious.com (born May 2016)  but also expanding my influence contributing to several blogs: Her Daily, She Unplugged and YouNeed Tribe. Furthermore, I was previously the social media manager for Her Daily.  Click here for my Blog Stats


I’m a 27-year-old proud San Francisco Native (go Giants!). I’ve competed in multiple fitness events: 5k, 10 k, Half Marathon, Spartan Race but have had to take a hiatus due to a reoccurring  injury. I love green juice, sushi, traveling, and reading. I have a huge passion for learning, good food, and music. I’m constantly learning how to do so many things (some random) hoping to inspire girls out there that we can do anything that we set our minds to accomplish. I do feel that the blogging world is so over-saturated with people selling courses so I DO NOT offer any courses currently. However, I do offer a five-minute workout guide that you can download here and personal training services.








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