6 Important Rules for your Sports Bra

Sports Bras are more complicated than you think.

Wearing the wrong bra can deteriorate your breasts, so ladies please pay attention to your sports bras. Chances are you’re wearing one that fits incorrectly and it’s just plain WRONG. Related: Ten Workout Tips You Must Follow


Bras are meant to limit the movement of your breasts, but wearing the wrong one can lead to the loss of the elasticity of your breast, leading to premature sagging. The traditional sports bra (compression bra) doesn’t  limit movement as much as it should and we should all strive to move toward the following guidelines:


1. Purchase An Encapsulated Bra

Notice how this bra has separate cups for each breast. Even if you have small boobs you can still benefit from this type of bra. An unsupported bra can lead to sagging and no one wants that.

Source: Brooks Running
Source: Brooks Running


2.Purchase In your Actual Size if Possible

S, M, L is too broad of a measurement.

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3. Make Sure It Fits Correctly

If your boobs are bouncing, suffocating, or if your band rides up or creates a uni-boob, it can symbolize a bad bra problem. Your boobs shouldn’t spill out or hit any part of your body while you are exercising.


4. Don’t Wear Cotton

The material needs to be breathable, and if it’s not, it can deteriorate your breasts.

Source: Victoria’s Secret


5. Replace Frequently

Especially if you only rotate between just a few bras. Your bra will stretch out just like your shoes, and depending on how often you wear it, you need to get rid of it.  The average shelf life of your bra can be 9-15 months if taken care of properly.


6. Don’t Buy A Budget Bra

If your bra is cheap, chances are it has no wire, or it has the incorrect type of support, which means it’s NOT for you. Budget bras are a no-no.


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