5 Ways to keep up your Fitness Goals this Fall

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fitness goals fall
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Summer is ending.As  of this posts publish It’s fall.

Did you achieve the fitness goals that you wanted to? It can be difficult to keep up your fitness goals once summer is over. You have a nice drink in your hand, go to lots of barbecues, and eat lots of sweet food. But maybe you made time to hit the gym so you can rock that maxi dress with no problem….. hopefully.

As Fall approaches (I’m super excited for pumpkin EVERYTHING!) it’s easy to see our fitness goals fade away. This Fall, don’t ‘Fall’ into the habit of letting your fitness goals go by the wayside.Do you remember the fitness goals that you set at the beginning of the summer? Let’s reevaluate them:

  • Are they realistic?
  • Will you make the time for them?
  • Are they only extrinsic goals?


Here are some ways to keep it right and tight this fall!





fitness goals fall

It’s going to start getting cold outside, so you’re automatically going to want to hit up your local Starbucks for all of their great fall and winter flavors. Three words: PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE

They’re actually pretty addictive. BUT if you really want to keep on track you’re going to have cut the one- a-day PSL, to maybe like 1-2x a week. Or find a healthy alternative if you really cant get enough.

Luckily for you, I found a few PSL hacks for you to try. My latte aficionados will have to tell me which one they liked best.

This one has some really good tips for my lactose intolerant people:




fitness goals fall



You will feel way more awake, will be more productive and won’t have to find a way to get to the gym after work.

Need something that requires less time? Check out one of my five minute workouts.




fitness goals fall


Each week when you sit down and hopefully come up with some type of meal plan, look at your work and social schedule to see where and when you can  fit your workout or class in. I know the time change will make it less motivating to get things done after work, but this isn’t anything new. You’ve been dealing with it your whole life.

Doing a group class at your local fitness studio or even joining Classpass, will not only allow you to make friends but also hold you accountable. No one wants to pay 20-30 dollars for a class and then just not show up. That’s a quarter of a  way to a Nike free run shoe! We can’t do that.

Don’t forget there are LOTS of fall fitness events to participate in. Search Active.com to find a race near you! Or find your local chapter of Black Girls Run!





fitness goals fall



Find the joy in eating, preparing meals, and how important it is for your health and goals. I’m not here to tell you to eat chicken breast and sweet potatoes all day. But I will help you find several different ways to cook up some of your fall favorites.


fitness goals fall



With the hustle and bustle of life it’s easy to forget that fitness isn’t just about what you can do in the gym, but how you are feeling mentally and physically. Is your work schedule keeping your drained? Are you spreading yourself too thin?

Try and take 20-30 mins of each day for some meditation, quiet time, write, DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), sketching etc. Do something for YOU

Remember ladies this Fall, don’t ‘fall’ into the habit of letting your fitness goals go by the wayside! You got this!



fitness goals fall


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