Four Major Ways Women Can Benefit From Weight Training

Society constantly scrutinizes the bodies of women, making it extremely tiring for us to keep up with what’s considered acceptable.  As the years have progressed, so has the standard body image… over and over and over again. Thankfully in the present, we have more opportunities for “plus size” (aka averaged sized women) to be considered mainstream, glamorizing  fitness models such as Michelle Lewin, Paige Hathaway and Massy AriasGirls with curves and muscles are ruling the world.


Look back to 5-10 years ago, women with muscles were viewed as gross and manly. I mean there are still people who think Serena Williams looks like a man despite her athletic ability. Plus when most of us think of muscular women, and immediately see an image of the Rock with boobs. However, recently there has been a growth in more feminine body builders, leading to the growing trends of women hitting the weights. Women can retain their feminine shape and even help make their physique curvier(read more on that here).


Lifting weights has many benefits and many of these women are beautiful and confident, here’s why


1. They Do things On Their Own

As a woman with a muscular build, you feel more confident in the strength of your own body. Suddenly you don’t need that guy friend to come over and help move the couch, now you know you can handle physical challenges on your own!

 2. Have Better Posture

Athletic women have strong physiques leading them to have better posture and thus look taller. Posture improves breathing, which reduces stress and long-term health risks.

3. Look Great In Clothes

They fill out those dresses with their nice backs, quads, glutes etc. and have curves all in the right places. Check out some of these ladies here

4. This is for US!

Women’s bodies are not for men or the world. People need to butt out on what women can and should look like. If you want those cut arms, go for them!

Skinny bodies are not for everyone and neither are muscular bodies. Whatever your body type is embrace it and be confident, we are here for it.


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