10 Surefire Ways to Reach your Fitness Goals


Why Did I write this Post?

Working in the fitness industry for about seven years, I have learned a lot about how most clients and people view fitness. Not enough people view fitness with the long-term desire that I would hope, and this ultimately leads them to view their fitness goals only as extrinsic and short-term. Upon reaching their “slim down” or “trim”, they put their exercise routine on the back burner, failing to realise that it should be part of their everyday lives.  

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Most people waste years doing things wrong in the gym, instead of paying someone who knows what they’re doing to help them or getting the correct information.  In the blogging and technology world, it’s the same. Everyone wants to do everything on their own, and it leads their business and their blogs to not be where they want them to be. 

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Spending money on fitness and your health is an investment, the same you would do with your business you should do with your health. It’s amazing how quickly someone will pay for garbage products like detox teas, waist trainers, sweat belts (LOL) to help them achieve the results they want. But the costs that they’ve amassed using those products they could’ve paid for an actual gym membership, personal trainer, workout class etc.

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Here are Ten Surefire Ways to Reach your Fitness Goals:





1. Hire a professional

OR follow one online or Instagram.  If you don’t have money, there are a lot of cost-effective options. But make sure it’s an actual professional and not someone that won some Miss Fitness Bikini somewhere. Not every girl who can follow a diet and dehydrate themselves to look lean on stage should be giving fitness advice to others. 

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The way you can fix that is by doing your research.  Read magazines, read books and watch videos.  You have to study. Even trainers study, every two years we have to recertify which means that in between that time, we are going to seminars, reading books, going to conferences etc. (More on that here)


It seems a lot of the time those new to fitness,  feel they have sufficient knowledge or expertise by default. I realize that I’ve said this so many times, but it seems like people STILL don’t understand it. This takes YEARS of training and years of practice.  You basically do things really bad until you get really good at it. How long you do it “bad” for is up to you. 


 So in injury prevention’s sake, Please hire someone if you don’t know what you’re doing. Ask a friend who does know what they are doing. Research credible sources. If you’re serious shoot me a message.



2. Switch up your routine.

So maybe you’ve been doing the same thing forever.


Well, It’s  a little like dating someone you’re not into. It’s just not  gonna work out.


If you’re always doing steady state cardio start doing some HIIT training. If you’re always only weight training, start doing some cardio.  In order to have a well-rounded program you need to have a little bit of everything: muscle bearing exercise, flexibility, and aerobics. Make sure that you are re-evaluating your program from time to time.


Just because you fall in love with a Barry’s Bootcamp class or a Soul Cycle class (both things I love) doesn’t mean that’s the ONLY thing you should be doing every day for months on end. Show some love to a new workout class. Like the one below ; )




Also, you really need to workout for your body type. Over the summer I got so many requests for girls to look like Teyana Taylor when they lacked the right body type, genetics, and work ethic to look like her. She’s a dancer. She works out for hours of the day and she’s naturally thin. I can barely get clients to commit to an hour a week for training.  Most people can’t commit to working out that much. So no Teyana Taylor-bod for you.




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3. Diversify your workouts

Like I  said before, you should aspire to be all of the above. It’s not enough to just be meathead, cardio queen, or devout yogi.  Stay away from doing one type of exercise. Try a workout format that scares you! Do something that you’ve never tried before. It could be the change or challenge that your body needs.


A normal week for me is   filled with HIIT training, weighted workouts, bootcamp, cycling, yoga, and pilates. It kept me from being bored but it made me have a better program.




4. Practice your form

There are so many resources out there. Look into Barbell Shrugged, they provide a webinar where you can learn proper weightlifting technique. Way better than being proud and doing things incorrectly forever.


FORM is EVERYTHING. The mirrors in the gym they’re there for more than just your gym selfie. Use them to make sure you have proper postural alignment.



5. Eat More

Your Body needs it. TRUST. Like… if you’re not eating breakfast and working out, you are hurting your body so much. I just don’t get when people don’t eat because I just love food! IF you’re eating three meals a day, make sure they’re not kiddie portions, or if you’re eating smaller portions spread them out throughout the day.


6. Eat the right foods

Which basically means eat a well-rounded diet.


I don’t recommend cutting anything out, unless you’re training for a fitness competition, or have intolerances like me. But as we all know not everyone is about that  life.  If you do like following a diet, make sure you are including your cheat meal.


If cheat meals are NOT for you I recommend having days where you follow a pretty strict diet and stick some more flexible days in between. I found that’s what works best for me. Need some recommendations check out this post (The Importance of a Cheat Meal)






7. Make sure you’re working out enough

A lot of people like to just sit in the gym and do nothing. If you’re sitting at the gym you’re not ACTUALLY working out.


You sit all day. Why would you go to the gym and sit some more


Moreover, working out 1-2 days a week  is absolutely not enough. Please don’t use the excuse that it’s better than nothing. Don’t do yourself like that. Your 50-60 year old self will thank you.


People think they can reach their fitness goals by working out 1-2 times a week and you will NOT reach your fitness goals that way. Or you will in like maybe 5 years.  With anything, it takes time, practice and consistency to achieve what you desire. I’m looking at you millenials.

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8. Change the Way you View Exercise

Most people are in it for the wrong reasons and they only view it as something extrinsic and strive for a six pack or to look good in something. Yea that’s important and all but how is it making you feel? Are you feeling more energetic? Are you in a better mood? Are you getting things done easier? Are you better at your job? Are you interacting with others better?  Are you feeling injured less? Here are some tips to help.



9. Working out shouldn’t be a chore

This one goes hand in hand with number 8. Exercise is something preventative. I know working out can “suck” and sometimes I don’t even want to do it.  There will be days you don’t have time, you feel tired, and if you are doing things right it won’t be easy all the time.

Do something you like! There are so many styles and formats out there.





10. Whatever you do stop PLEASE stop making excuses

With short workouts, there’s literally no excuse to not workout. Like literally



With all of my responsibilities and my move, it’s been difficult to find large chunks of my day to dedicate to working out. There have been days where I don’t have the time. But I make the time even if it’s just five minutes. For example, the other day I did a 15-minute workout three times throughout the day, and that is enough for me. My mood instantly feels better and I’m able to perform better at my jobs.


My workouts stopped being about fitting into my clothes a while back and I feel way  less pressure. I stopped dieting a few years back as well. I no longer  exercise to look a certain way. Take the stress out of your workouts and exercise  to just be a better and healthier you. I can’t help other people if I’m not taking care of myself, and neither can you.


Want a cheat sheet for all of this info? PIN this to your board! 


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